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aphroditiesmile's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

but oh how it feels so real / lying here with no one near / only you and you can hear me / when i say softly, slowly / hold me closer tiny dancer / count the headlights on the highway / lay me down in sheets of linen / you had a busy day today


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12/02/06 @ 11:45pm]
Sometime i wonder why things happen the way that they do. we go through life with all of these plans that we make for ourselves. then life happens and we're left to deal with all that we're given. I'm starting to feel like my life is finally falling into place. Meeting Michael has been the best thing I've had happen in a long while. Hearing his voice makes me swoon. I don't think I've done that for anyone.....I just wish he didn't live so far. I wish he'd move here and we could be together. I've been praying bout it. He's even got me wanting to go back to church. He makes me feel whole, like he's that missing puzzle I've needed this whole time. People have always told me that when you find that person for you, you just know it. I found him....

he's been looking at houses and asked me to marry him. I know I'm still young but it just feels right! tonight we talked about him coming down for the weekend. I hope it works out and he can. just the thought alone makes me smile. I'm so in love with him.

some things will never make sense to me [Saturday
11/18/06 @ 3:46pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Today has been mentally draining. Woke up around 6am I'm guessing I had a nightmare b/c I woke up pretty spooked. I haven't heard from Gil in a while about moving. I'm getting a little frustrated. I just wish Michael would move down here already so that I could move in with him. I feel like I finally found the right guy for me and he lives so damn far...I hope this arangement wont be like this for much longer


Venting [Monday
11/13/06 @ 12:57am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Today was an early morning for me. got woken up at 7:15 by the alarm and both dazed and confused I walked over to the bathroom to brush my teeth only to realize in mid brush. " I have no where to be this early!" so i finished brushing my teeth and went back to bed. slept until about 8:45 when shakira walkie talkied me...been up since.

Working both jobs is getting to me a little. I'm not complaining bout the hours *they are awesome* but I don't think I've adjusted to the time change completely. meh. I can't believe ThanksGiving is right around the corner! Shakira and the boys are spending the night. Having her husband in Bagdad *spelling?* right now is hard on her...so I thought she needed to be around family and so did her boys. I'm spending the weekend at her house straight from work. CAN'T WAIT! I was a little worried about Michael inlisting in the Marines but I think that *God willing* it will be ok. I can't wait to see him, I swear if I had a way to get up there and see him I would in a heartbeat.

 I went to put gas in my car and my mom went a long and for reasons unknown to me...*cuz I didn't want to go* I ened up going to Walmart. Bought myself a vaccum and left as quickly as I entered. *I hate that place* well I'm going to go dream some more 


it's been a while [Saturday
11/11/06 @ 2:26am]
[ mood | cold ]

haven't had much time to update. been comming home from work to take a much needed hot shower and have some dinner and talk to Michael. I still don't know when I'll be moving I'm hoping soon...I can't get over how quickly this year has gone by...feels like only yesterday we were ringing in the new year. I'm going to the beach next saturday after work. Spending the weekend at my friend Shakira's house should be fun. I always seem to get myself into trouble with her haha we're way to much alike. im falling asleep so i guess this is all for now


im in l-o-v-e [Monday
10/23/06 @ 3:07am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

I'm just in a very good mood right now. thought I'd say so. it's 3am i should be sleeping. I will be I just feel like someone up there is looking down on me. Things couldn't be better between michael and I. He's all I've wanted and all I never knew I could have. Past relationships made my views on love a little shaky, but with him something just feels right. alright now im thirsty AGAIN going to get some more water then going to bed...g'night


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